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Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights

Shop Wayfair’s selection of top brand ceiling lights to brighten up your home! Illuminate your home while adding some character with trendy and stylish ceiling lights - whether it’s for your living room, kitchen, bathroom or a bedroom. We have plenty of ceiling light types, including elegant chandeliers, pendants, flush mounts, island lights, track lights, spotlights, and outdoor ceiling lights to choose from, all in a variety of size, shapes, and styles. No matter what type of ceiling light fixture you are looking for, we are sure to have one to complement your style while properly lighting a room. Find the right ceiling light for your home at Wayfair. Let’s take a closer look at the ceiling lighting options in our store.

Pendant Lights and mini pendants

Pendant Lights and mini pendants most commonly hang over a kitchen island or over a dining room table. Suspended from the ceiling, pendant lights and mini pendants are designed to help light smaller areas in your home. We have many unique pendant lights that feature fascinating shapes and bold colors.

Chandeliers and mini chandeliers

Chandeliers and mini chandeliers are excellent options for dining rooms, living rooms, entryways, and foyers. Chandeliers offer an elegant appearance for a room. Choose from candle-style, crystal, drum, and mini chandeliers. We have many unique and intricate shapes and styles of chandeliers. With so many to choose from, one is guaranteed to fit your home.

flush mount ceiling lights

Flush Mounts and semi flush mounts provide great illumination for a room, and can provide character and light to many rooms around your home! With styles from contemporary to traditional, find a stylish flush mount ceiling light that will fit the décor and style of your home. We have many types of flush mount ceiling lights, including semi-flush mount, directional, and spotlight flush mount ceiling lights.

island lights

Along with Pendant lights, Island Lights are a great choice to light a kitchen island. Island lights for a kitchen can make for a great focal point and also present an opportunity to add some style to a kitchen. We have many unique island lights available for purchase. Some come equipped with two lights while others have up to five lights. Whichever you choose, you can make quite the statement with island lights.

track lights

Track Lighting is considered a contemporary style of lighting, but we have all kinds of styles of track lights. We think they look stunning in every home. Track lighting can be an effective way to illuminate a room because with many track lights, you can adjust the direction of each individual light. This allows you to focus the light on beautiful features of the room. We have track light fixtures to fit in multiple sized rooms. Sort by mounting type, track type, bulb type, and more. We also have many different types of track lights including track head, track pendants, and spotlights.