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Recessed Lighting

If you want ceiling lights without obtrusive light fixtures, consider recessed lighting. Installed into a ceiling recessed lights are an excellent idea for rooms with lower ceilings. Recessed lights are sleek and Inherently contemporary in style, however they are not limited to just contemporary, as they can suit many other styles and looks. At Wayfair, we have got everything for your recessed lighting needs. Browse our extensive selection of downlights, recessed lights, housing, kits and trims. With great brands like Sea Gull, Craftmade and Progressive Lighting, you'll find everything you need to complete your residential or commercial lighting design.

recessed lighting trim

The trim of recessed lights is the lone part that is visible on the ceiling, so it is important to choose a trim that looks great in your room. At Wayfair, we have recessed lights with a variety of trims. Pick and choose from different trim colors, sizes, and shapes to fit the style you are looking for - everything from simpe monochromatic trims, to trims with intricate design and detail. We also have plenty of trim styles, which include a wide selection of stepped baffle, eyeball and decorative trims.

recessed housings

Another part of recessed lights are housings. The housing of recessed lights is installed into the ceiling so you physically cannot see it. Housings come in a few different types. There are housings for new construction and remodels, as well other types. If there is no ceiling installed or if a T-bar ceiling is used, you’ll want to use new construction housing. If there is an existing ceiling that has already been installed, then you’ll want to shop for a remodel housing.

LED dimmable recessed lights

LED dimmable recessed lights are a very popular feature that allows you to dim ceiling lights and can be used on most recessed lighting. LED dimmable recessed lights are a great option to help save energy, which helps to save you a lot of money on your electricity bill. We have plenty of LED dimmable recessed lighting options available at Wayfair.

Recessed Lighting Housing
Picking the right recessed lighting housing can be a bit technical, and may require dedicated research and/or speaking to an electrician or other lighting professional. Here are the major factors to consider when narrowing down the right recessed lighting housing for your unique situation:

  • Construction Type – Are your lights being installed as part of the construction of a room or the remodeling of one? If you’re building a room, “New Construction” lighting housings are installed before drywall is installed in the ceiling. “New Construction” housings are larger than their remodeling counterparts and are installed between joist beams or onto hanger bars. On the other hand, “Remodel” housings are designed to be installed in a room with an existing ceiling already in place. They are smaller and designed to be installed through a drilled hole in the drywall.
  • Insulation Type – Modern recessed lighting housings are classes as either IC-Rated or Non-IC Rated. IC-Rated fixtures can safely be installed in insulated ceilings because they are built to release less heat and can come into contact with insulation. Conversely, Non-IC Rated housings aren’t designed to come into contact with insulation and should only be installed in un-insulated ceilings.
  • Voltage – Line voltage operates directly off your house’s standard 120 volt current and is suited for general room illumination. Low voltage is more energy efficient because it uses a 12-volt current, although it requires a special transformer to do so, and is particularly suited to accent lighting.

Recessed Lighting Trim Size + Style
The lighting trim size, style, and finish are the visible aspects of a modern recessed light, and the aspect of your light you can and should design around the room and décor you plan to surround it with. Trim size refers to the interior diameter of the recessed trim. Modern recessed lighting trims generally fall between 3 to 6 inches, although you can find specialized trims outside of that range. Smaller trims in the 3-4 inch range are most commonly used for focused, task lighting, while trims 5 inches and up are preferable for wider, whole-room illumination. Recessed lighting trim styles vary widely but some of the more popular styles include Decorative, Open, Stepped Baffle, Gimbal Ring, and Shower styles.

decorative trims

Decorative Style: Decorative trims tend to stand out more than any other trim style, not only because they come in increasingly stylized and elaborate shapes, but also because they tend to descend further down the ceiling than other types of recessed lights.

open style trim

Open Style: Open trims tend to be larger than other trims, and make use of their wider diameters to create a more open space in the interior of the trim. This openness is embodied in a more noticeable layer of space between interior trim walls and light bulb.

stepped baffle style

Stepped Baffle Style: Stepped baffle trims feature grooves in their interior that are used to absorb excess light and reduce glare. Baffle trims are especially suited for task lighting where the too much light or glare can detract from the object or space they spotlight.

gimbal ring trim

Gimbal Ring Style: Gimbal Ring trims fall on the smaller end of the trim spectrum at around 3 to 4 inches in diameter. As opposed to other trims that once installed, can only spotlight the area directly below them, Gimbal Ring trims can be rotated and maneuvered to shine light on an adjacent object or place.

shower style trim

Shower Style: Like their name would suggest, shower trims are designed for use in showers or similarly wet environments. The “UL Listed” check boxes on the left-hand side of the page can be used to filter Shower and other trims that are particularly suited to damp and wet locations.