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Dog Beds: A Dog

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Welcome to Dog Tales, a series that looks into the lives of our favorite dogs and their favorite furniture. Today we have Gus, the pug, who managed to make time for us in between naps to tell us about his obsession with sleeping in his dog bed.

Here’s Gus with a look into what a lazy, sleepy day looks like for him:

I’m a couch potato. I love nothing more than laying in bed and catching some shut eye for 12 hours straight. I wake up in the morning and wish I could just go back to sleep, but I’ve got to take a walk each morning. I try to keep the walk as short as possible so I can get back to more important things, like sitting in front of the TV and napping.

Gus out for a walk

After my walk it’s time for breakfast, which is also a great time of day. I usually need to wait for that guy I live with to pour out some breakfast, and after that I happily return to my favorite spot in the apartment: my covered dog bed. When I moved in with my roomate for the first time, this ultimate in comfort bed was the first thing waiting for me. It’s like he knew that a warm, large dog bed was all I cared about. Since that day, I’ve logged many hours in the bed and it currently has a Gus-shaped spot permanently indented in it.

(Unfortunately, we had to pause the interview for a little bit so Gus could get in his nap. We picked up with him after about an hour.)

Most days, my morning nap turns into an afternoon nap. Since my roommate won’t make me go out again until late afternoon, I can achieve ultimate couch potato status for the next six or seven hours. At times, I may wake up to change sleeping positions, but I don’t wake for any other reason. Delivery guy at the door? Who cares. Cat in the window? Boring. Roommate making a delicious lunch in the kitchen? Tempting, but not as important as comfortably sleeping in my covred dog bed. The only thing that might wake me up is if my head slides off the edge of the bed. Which happens sometimes, but even then I’d say I continue sleeping 65 percent of the time.

Gus takes a morning nap

Once 3 or 4 PM rolls around, that guy I live with makes me leave the warmth of my bed. He’s the worst! When the time comes, I fight it like a true coach potato. I make him come to me, but eventually I make it out the door because, let’s face it, everyone’s got to go. But this isn’t a leisurely walk. We’re out there for business so I can get back to important things like my bed.

I’ll usually grab a drink of water after one of these walks to maximize my time awake. During the evening, I often spend time on the sofa. Pro tip: the sofa is the second most comfortable spot next to my bed. I make my roommate cozy up with me to stay warm and while we watch my favorite show, Columbo. It puts me right to sleep.

(Once again, we had to pause this interview so Gus could nap. Columbo was on.)

Gus takes a nap on the couch

Once the show is over, it’s dinner time, which I enjoy because my dinner generally includes bits of hot dog, my favorite treat. Also my dog bowl conveniently sits between the sofa and my covered dog bed. This way I don’t have to waste too much energy traveling back to my bed after dinner.

I guess you could say I live a pretty good life. I know my roommate wishes I would, I don’t know, hang out with him more and bring him that dumb ball every time he throws it at me, but he generally doesn’t make me leave the comforts of my bed for more than a few minutes each day. The rest of the time, I can snore to my heart’s content and chase rabbits for days in my dreams. O those pesky rabbits, I’ll catch them one day.

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