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Entry & Mudroom Furniture

It's important to make a good first impression, and the entryway or foyer of your home is the very first thing a visitor sees. Entry spaces are particularly tricky to furnish due to the need to combine aesthetic appeal of accent furniture with functionality: the entry hallway of your house is where guests take off their coat, stash their umbrella, and stomp the mud and snow off their boots. Whether you have a tiny entry hallway where space is at a premium or a vast formal foyer entryway, Wayfair has the furniture you need to turn a practical space into a lovely one.

Coat Rack
Coat Racks: For most of the US our guests are likely to arrive wearing a coat for most of the year. A coat rack is an essential piece of entryway furniture. For entryways with more space, a freestanding coat rack provide a point of vertical interest and comes in a variety of styles to match your decor. For smaller spaces a wall-mounted set of coat hooks will provide a place to hang up jackets without reducing floor space.
Umbrella Stand
Umbrella Stands: If you live in a climate where a rainy day is just as likely as a dry one, then an umbrella stand is probably a necessary addition to your entry hallway furniture. All umbrella stands will keep your guest's umbrellas upright so they aren't rolling around the floor, and many will also provide a safe surface for umbrellas to drip on without getting your entry floor wet and slippery.
Telephone Table
Telephone Tables: Traditionally a telephone table was a small end table that sat in a central hallway or entryway that held a telephone, and usually also had a shelf for a phone book. This piece of hallway furniture dates back to the days of rotary phones. Today telephone tables are really just a small end end table, or entry table, with a lower shelf and can be used to hold small pieces of decor, a lamp, or a tray to hold keys and coins when walking in the door.
Plant Stand
Plant Stands: Plant stands primary purpose is to hold potted plants, but as entryway furniture can also be used to hold statuary or other decor. Plant stands come in a variety of heights: most are quite low, just high enough to raise a plant to the bottom of a typical window. A few plant stands, particularly the pedestal style, can be much taller and are designed to hold plant displays that include trailing vines.
Entryway Lighting
Entryway Lighting: Entryways are unique spaces in the home. Due to their common placement next to a stairway, many entryways have much taller ceilings than other rooms in the house, presenting the opportunity for more elaborate hanging lighting solution. Whether hanging pendants or chandeliers, the entryway is a great place to get a little bit more elaborate with your lighting solution.