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Specialty Cookware

Specialty Cookware
Upgrade your kitchen with the best brands in specialty cookware. Shop from fondue sets, egg poachers, crepe pans, tagines, and more.

Specialty Cookware

Specialty cookware can revolutionize your kitchen utensils. With the right recipes, you can whip up meals that you never imaged cooking, like chocolate fondue, poached eggs and toast, stuffed crepes and savory tagines. Specialty cookware brings together the most creative cooking utensils from across the world so you can taste unique flavors from every corner of the globe.

fondue set
Fondue is perfect for any meal, as it brings people together over a singular pot filled with oil, cheese or chocolate. If you are having a gathering with friends, then fondue is a great dinner choice because it is an easy to prepare meal. You can simply cut up the meat, vegetables, and fruit that you would like to eat with dinner and dessert and have your guests dip their food in the mixture. Fondue sets all come with different heating sources, including electric, fuel, and fire. An electric fondue set helps to keep a consistent temperature over a long period of time; however, it does have limited mobility due to the need for an electrical outlet. Electric and fuel heat are both easily adjustable. When using butane or gel fuel it is important to place the fuel on a sturdy surface to prevent a fire. If you would like to add a romantic touch to your dessert fondue, then a candle is the perfect heating source for chocolate or vanilla. Although candles work well for dessert, they do not emit enough heat to use with oil.

egg poacher
Poaching an egg in boiling water requires skill and patience. If you have a difficult time poaching eggs in boiling water, then consider an egg poacher. Poaching an egg simply involves simmering an egg in liquid. Once you have mastered poaching an egg in water you can poach eggs in everything from wine to vegetable stock. An egg poacher makes this process easier by holding your egg above the water in a stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum egg-shaped insert. Stainless steel egg poachers allow you to easily cook eggs in a pan and microwavable egg poachers allow you to quickly poach an egg from the convenience of your microwave.

paella pan
Paella is a traditional Spanish dish that includes rice, vegetables, and seafood or meat. The recipe for paella has been adapted in various ways; however, traditional paella comes from Spain and has since spread across the world. A paella pan is a shallow and wide pan that allows for water to evaporate quickly, which is great for cooking rice. Paella pans are made from carbon, stainless steel and enameled steel. Each material has its own benefits, including price, rust resistance, ongoing maintenance and compatible with oven use. Paella pans usually do not come with a lid, as paella is traditional cooked with an open top. Fortunately, most paella pans can be placed in the oven or over an outdoor fire, which makes it perfect for cooking under various conditions.

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