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Bar Stools

Bar Stools

Browse from an extensive selection of bar stools for your home, office, restaurant, café or diner. The number of styles and options are limitless to outfit your kitchen, bar or game room with high quality counter height stools and chairs. Choose from stainless steel, metal, wood, wicker, rattan, backless, adjustable height, iron, traditional or modern bar stools, and counter height stools for both residential and commercial use. A popular choice are swivel stools in wood or leather. You can mix and match pieces yourself, or choose an entire pub table and chairs set pre-matched to complete your kitchen, dining room or patio furniture collection.

Whether you're looking for metal bar stools to match your industrial chic style, or for counter height seating to add some flair to your home bar, it's easy to find it all on Wayfair.

Counter     Height Stools
Counter Height Stools: A counter height bar stool is the perfect option for seating at your kitchen counter. You'll also find these types of stools at your local diner, or places where you can grab a quick grub. The legs of a standard counter height bar stool will measure anywhere between 24" and 27" inches, which doesn't make them too difficult or too high for age appropriate kids to climb and sit on too. When you shop on Wayfair, a wide array of selection is at your fingertips! Shop through back styles, frame material and all kinds of prices to spunk up your home. With tons of colors to choose from, it's easy to find the one in a zillion option for your home.
Short Bar     Stools
Short Bar Stools:Short barstools are a great option for accent chairs around the house. Short stools can also help your dining room or kitchen make a style statement. Most short bar stools fall just shy of their legs reaching two feet tall. You'll find most legs on short bar stools to range anywhere from 16" to 23" inches high. Shop fun colors and seat styles ranging from square, round, bucket or saddle to add something small to your room with a large fashion statement!
Swivel Bar     Stools
Swivel Bar Stools: Give your kitchen a 360-degree makeover by adding some swivel stools into the mix. Swivel bar stools are great for living rooms, bar rooms, kitchens and entertainment spaces because they support relaxation and movement. These rotating bar stools are a very popular option, and come in a wide variety of styles and finishes. Arm or armless, pedestal, 4 legs, tripod or sled, your next swivel bar stool will reflect your home décor when you shop on Wayfair!
Pellet     Stoves
Metal Bar Stools: Metal stools are a great way to add an industrial flair to your kitchen, dining room or home. Metal bar stools can come in all heights. Look to add accent to your home? Go with a short or counter height bar stool. Is your bar room finally renovated? We suggest adding a bar height metal bar stool.to complete the project. Have a large entertainment room where a few tall bar stools would add the perfect touch? We've got it all. With stylish chrome finishes, a variety of seat material options and heights available, it's easy to find the metal bar stool your shopping for on Wayfair.