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Renovate your bathroom with popular Kohler products. Shop our wide selection of Kohler bathroom faucets.

VibrAcoustic technology brings music and water together for a bathing experience like no other. With VibrAcoustic, you can play your favorite music, news, podcasts and more through your bath. Just plug in your smart phone, tablet or MP3 player or stream wireless via Bluetooth®.
Fill your entire bathroom with your favorite songs, in high-quality sound, while you get ready for an anticipated evening. Or relax in the bath as vibrations from the music surround and soothe you.

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Numi Toilet
Introducing Numi, Kohler's most advanced toilet. With features like a heated seat, built-in bidet wand, touch screen remote and unrivaled water efficiency, the Numi marks a new standard of excellence in the bathroom.
Karbon Faucet
The Karbon kitchen faucet delivers water exactly where you need it. Three articulating pivot points offer total range of motion, allowing you to shift and move the faucet to whichever shape you need, easily accommodating large pans and tall vases.

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Bathroom Products

  • Tresham™ vanities, toilets, sinks and shower receptors bring this playful eccentricity, this eclectic elegance to the American bathroom. Go live your life. With a twist.
  • Vault™ offers reliability and crisp, contemporary style, with rear-oriented drains for ease of use, and deep 9-inch basins to accommodate over-size cookware.
  • Make a thoroughly modern statement with the bold shapes and lines of the Rêve collection. A sculptural work of art, Rêve™ highlights pure geometric style and delivers modern functionality to classic and contemporary bathrooms alike.
  • Combining modern style with smart design features, this Elate™ kitchen faucet has a distinctive shape that enhances contemporary kitchen decor.
Kohler's history begins in 1873, with the first of many bold business moves. Despite a climate of financial panic and the start of a five-year economic depression, 29-year-old Austrian immigrant John Michael Kohler purchased the Sheboygan Union Iron and Steel Foundry.

The firm had a successful start producing cast iron and steel implements for farmers, castings for the city's furniture factories, and ornamental iron pieces that included cemetery crosses, urns and settees. A key turning point came in 1883 when John Michael seized upon another bold idea to improve his customers' quality of life. By applying baked enamel coating to a Kohler horse trough/hog scalder, he had created the Kohler Co.'s first bathtub. Kohler was now in the plumbing business.

Like John Michael, many of the early employees were immigrants. Steeped in a heritage of European craftsmanship, they were eager to achieve success in their new country. Their dedication to excellence helped to forge one of the oldest and largest privately-held companies in the United States.

The value of the Arts/Industry program to the factory can be assessed from both a personal and business standpoint. For some, the experience of meeting artists from all over the world is the most important aspect. For others, it is the bottom line. Over the years, design ideas generated by artists have been translated into innovative new products offered by the company.

Kohler Co. has long encouraged an ongoing dialogue with the art community by opening the doors of its pottery and iron foundry to internationally recognized artists. In a program administered by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center , artists work side by side with Kohler associates during long-term residencies, utilizing industrial technology on projects of their own choosing. The resulting free exchange of techniques and ideas has opened whole new avenues of creative expression for the artists.

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Kohler is one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom faucets. The company offers competitive pricing on sink and bath faucets, as well as shower fixtures. Kohler brings together artistic design and fine-tuned engineering to create stylish and durable bathroom faucets. It’s important to have a bathroom faucet that matches your bathroom décor and does not wear down from mineral build-up over time. Kohler faucets are made with the finest materials to prevent corrosion and tarnishing, including ultra-glide valves, ceramic disc valves and chrome finishing. The combination of technology creates a consistent flow rate so that your sink is both safe and reliable. The stem technology also has precise control over temperature, so you won’t experience unexpected cold or warmth when turning on your bathroom faucet.

kohler faucets
Kohler bathroom faucets are made from the finest materials to match your home décor. The company has a wide selection of bathroom faucets, including shower faucets, tub faucets and bidet faucets. All faucets are made with quality materials, like solid brass and polished chrome. Kohler’s bathroom faucets come in many different styles from traditional to contemporary, which makes them the perfect addition for any bathroom restoration project.

kohler faucets
Kohler shower faucets can transform your bathroom experience so you feel as though you are showering in a rainforest. The Kohler shower faucets are made with vibrant brushed nickel, oil brushed bronze of polished chrome. The various finishes can also match the rest of your bathroom faucets to create a consistent look across your bathroom. The revolutionary spray technology on Kohler faucets creates a consistent flow rate and spray performance.

kohler faucets
Kohler bath faucets can tie your shower faucets and the rest of your bathroom faucets together. You can choose from a single faucet or a widespread faucet for your bathtub. Bath tub temperature control is important because you want to relax in a luxurious pool of water without having to worry about the water getting too cold or too hot. Kohler bath faucets are effective at controlling temperature and creating a clean and calming aesthetic.

kohler faucets
Kohler bath faucets are made with the highest quality materials and effective functionality. A bidet bathroom faucet comes complete with lever handles and a vertical spray component. Kohler bidet faucets are easy to install and are made with reliable materials to prevent wear and corrosion. The stainless steel construction is flexible and gives the bathroom faucet an overall longer life.

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