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Top 10 Cat Trees

From giant jungles to single saplings, our editors selected the best cat trees.

  • Go Pet Club $95.95
    Our best-selling cat tree features sisal rope-covered scratching posts, three perches, and two kitty condos. ​

  • SmartCat $65.95
    This model adjusts to hang on the back of any 72- to 80-inch door for a convenient, space-efficient option.

  • Go Pet Club $35.20
    Great for apartments or small spaces, this cat tree is only 22 inches high and has a square 14-inch base.

  • The Refined Feline $359.99 (prices vary)
     A more refined option, this pine-veneered version looks more like a piece of furniture—perfect for blending into your existing decor. 

  • Go Pet Club $179.95
    Ideal for a family of felines, this giant tree is 80 inches wide and can extend up to 106 inches tall.

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