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Rustic Decor Ideas: How to Get a Look You’ll Love

Bring the outdoors in.

rustic decor ideas

You don’t have to live in the mountains to embrace a rustic-style home. Learn how to bring the outdoors into your home with these nine rustic decor ideas. You're sure to find the one you love!

What Is Rustic Style?

Rustic style is reminiscent of log cabins and the outdoors. It’s about bringing nature-inspired textures and colors into your home. When it comes to rustic decor ideas, think distressed wood, neutral colors (like beige, browns, and grays), heavy stone, and jute and burlap textiles. Rustic style is known to be a little rough around the edges while still having a welcoming and relaxed feel.

Rustic Decor Ideas for Your Home

Distressed Wood

distressed wood side table

Distressed wood evokes an unfinished feel that is perfect for rustic decor. For a timeworn look, opt for a distressed side table or coffee table. The distressed wood will give it an aged appearance and will fit right in with the rustic style. Give surrounding decor small hints of the same shade of wood to tie the room together. For example, try this out on your wall-mounted coat rack or a framed chalkboard.

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Love the look of natural wood? Opt for birch bark candles to give off that outdoor effect. They will give off a woodsy scent and romantic lighting while adding to the rustic decor.

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Industrial Lighting

industrial chandelier

Industrial metal lighting offers the right balance of making a statement without overpowering the other rustic accents. Opt for a metal chandelier or metal floor lamps to light up the room but also add a different texture to the space. Choose distressed wooden furniture for the rest of the room to let the industrial lighting make a statement without overtaking the rustic style of the space.

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Want to learn more about chandeliers? Read our guide Types of Chandeliers.


plaid headboard in a rustic style bedroom

When looking for rustic or cabin decor ideas, you are bound to find plaid accessories. Rustic decor is based around earthy colors like browns and greens, and opting for bold plaid accents will add a pop of color to the space while keeping the rustic theme. Go for a plaid headboard to act as a statement piece while leaving the rest of the room neutral to let the headboard stand out. If you want to go for a more subtle look, opt for a neutral plaid blanket or throw pillows.

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Soft Leather

soft and distressed leather sofas

Let your furniture act as a decor piece by opting for a sofa or chair upholstered in distressed leather. It gives off a used look that is enviable for rustic-style spaces. Decorate your new sofa with soft white pillows to soften its tough leather look. To draw the eye directly to the sofa, choose a bright-colored accessory like a throw pillow to make a statement.

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Brick Walls

brick wall

Whether real or faux, an exposed brick wall gives off a textured and unfinished look, making it the perfect addition to a rustic room. Leave the wall as is to act as its own decor or hang wall art that has a woodsy element to it like mountain landscapes or deer paintings. The exposed brick pairs well with other weathered elements like wooden furniture or distressed leather chairs.

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Animal Accents

rustic room with antler accents

Add animal accents to the room to give it an outdoor, woodland feel. Look for pillows or rugs in animal prints, or for an easy cabin decor idea, hang antlers on the wall. Antlers, while wild, offer a chic vibe that makes a statement. For a more subtle look, add smaller antlers to a bookshelf or wooden wall shelf.

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Weatherized Hardware

side table with weatherized hardware

For a quick, easy, and affordable rustic decor idea, try weatherized hardware. Opt for matte black pieces on distressed wooden furniture for an aged look. Look for cabinets with weatherized pulls, as they will help enhance the aged and rugged feel. For more rustic decor ideas that feature metal, look for bookends or metal tins to add to the rustic vibe.

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rustic entryway with greenery

Adding outdoor greenery to your space not only adds subtle color but will also give off a woodsy feel. If you have pine trees in your yard, cut a few large branches to display in a metal vase or wicker basket. This will show off their beautiful green texture, and when they start to fade away, you can easily replace them with new branches. If you don’t have many trees in your yard, opt for faux trees in woven baskets to give off a rustic look. For an extra touch of the outdoors, show off pinecones in a glass vase or bowl for added decor. By including brown decor, you will feature another woodsy color that will complement the greenery.

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Natural Textiles

rustic living room with natural textiles

Fill your space with natural textiles to give your guests something to snuggle up with. Opt for faux fur blankets and throw pillows. They are soft and cozy while giving off a rustic and unpolished look. Layer differently textured rugs that look like they are made of raw fabrics like jute or sisal. They will add more texture to the space. While the colors remain neutral, the materials will be the focus of the room.

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