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DIY Upcycled End Table

Discover how our editors turned a metal bird cage into a stunning piece, all for $15!

The Brimfield Antique Show is one of the most anticipated flea markets of the year. From retro furniture to unique tchotchkes, there's nothing you can't find there! Our editors go every year (maybe even twice!) to shop and take on one of our favorite design challenges—DIY on a dime.

For $30 or less, we choose an ordinary item and turn it into something extraordinary. (One person's trash is someone else's treasure!) We stumbled upon a metal bird cage and transformed it into a unique multifunctional end table. All it needed was a little cosmetic update. Bonus: we foraged all the materials from around the house. Keep reading to find out how we updated this budget-friendly, boho-inspired piece!

SuppliesBird CageRound metal serving trayTassels

Total Cost: $15

Get The Look​

​The metal bird cage's simple design provided endless design ideas. We knew right away it would be perfect as an end table as it stands at the perfect height (standard height of an end table is 25 to 30 inches tall). Here's what we did:

Add Character with Tassels

Personalize the look with tassels. We tied a row of dusty blue and bright pink tassels around the middle of the bird cage. The yarn softens the hard metal finish, while adding whimsical flair into the piece. Try to pick colors that reflect your room's decor and color scheme. For example, mix a variety of colors for a more playful impact or stick to neutrals for a subdued statement. The options are infinite! ​

Click here to see our step-by-step tassel tutorial!

Use a Serving Tray as the Tabletop

Choose a piece with a round, flat surface. For this project we picked a double-duty option: a serving tray. The tray provides a flat surface and can be removed to serve guests yummy beverages or delicious snacks. Other clever ideas include a round charger plate or frameless mirror.

Try This! For a more polished look, consider a custom glass top. Head to your local hardware store and request a cut piece of glass that fits the dimensions of your piece. Remember to measure the diameter of the bird cage to ensure you get the right size, whether it's the exact circumference or slightly more (we recommend adding at least 2 inches to each side for a proportional look).


Start crafting! Our amazing collection of DIY decorating ideas will give any space a fresh new look.

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