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3 Piece Tabletop Candlestick Set

by Three Posts™


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Infuse your space in the romantic candlelight glow that emits from this brown wooden candle holder set for home. Delight your guests and make any occasion extra special by adding a lighted or flameless candle to this candle holder centerpiece. Made with a sturdy base, it is perfect for creating an elegant atmosphere at your table top or mantel. Designed with black rubber stoppers at the base that prevent scratching furniture and table tops, as well as sliding around. Each pillar style candle holder can accommodate 1 candle. This item comes shipped in one carton. Suitable for indoor use only. Made in India. Each set comes with 3 carved wooden candle holders. Natural design.

  • Holder Material: Wood; Iron
  • Candle Compatibility: 3" W Pillar
  • Overall: 6'' H x 8'' H x 10'' H x 4'' W x 4'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 3.88lb.

several notable comments: first, i ordered this candlestick set on march 13th and just received it this week (june 18th). i understand the more-than-three-month delay was a manufacturer's issue, possibly impacted by covid restrictions, and not wayfair. although mildly frustrating, it was happily worth the wait--the set is gorgeous! secondly, the set i received does not resemble the onsite photos. the stain is quite dark, not at all whitewashed as displayed online. having made that distinction, however, i will say that i LOVE the set i received, even more than the whitewashed online display. very rich, rustic, deep warm stain, with a tuscan feel that thrills me. it compliments my decor much more than the onsite whitewashed display would have. very lucky outcome there. thirdly, one significant downside is the rubber footings. there are only three very small round rubber feet on each candlestick, unevenly placed, which diminish stability of the pieces. you can see in my photos that the candlesticks are not quite upright--they lean a bit. because they stand crooked and have only three inadequate feet, this causes the candlesticks to be unstable and wobble and tip easily. plus, once i install candles on the candlesticks, the instability will become even more pronounced, and a safety hazard as well. certainly this is fixable in that i can purchase more (and larger) rubber footings at a craft store and apply them to make the candlesticks perfectly upright and stable; it's just unfortunate that i need to do so. at the end of the day, i'm quite tickled with my new candlesticks. anxious to get the candles added for the final dramatic look. even though i feel more attention should have been given to the stability issue, i still want to offer my compliments to the manufacturer for a beautiful item.. Jeannie. Phoenix, AZ. 2021-06-30 15:56:22

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