Avoiding Registry Regret
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Avoiding Registry Regret
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Hi Wayfair readers! It’s Aileen and Ellen from Love & Lavender again. Today we wanted to share about registering. Registering is one of the most fun things to do when getting married. There is something really exhilarating about dreaming about how your life will be, what your kitchen will look like, and all the fun times you will have with you future spouse in your new fabulously decorated home. However it can be really easy to get carried away and end up with things that you don’t need or never will use.  Here are some of our tips to keeping your registry true to you!

Sometimes when registering we tend to think about whom we would like to be and what we would like to do in a dream world. But you need to be realistic. If you aren’t a baker now, the chances that you will be whipping up super fancy baked goods in your new kitchen are pretty slim, so registering for expensive and very specific items may be a cause for regret. It’s not to say you shouldn’t register for a few cookie sheets, but you may want to stay away from the Bundt pans, mini muffin tins, and cheesecake pan. Similarly, if you aren’t a formal person there most likely isn’t a need for silver platters and a 20-piece china set.

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The items you register for are ones you hope to have for the long run, so it’s important to think beyond the trends and keep your expensive pieces classic. In Ellen’s case they registered for a specific plate pattern that really looked best in the fall. So when throwing dinner parties any other time of the year the plates clashed with the rest of the décor. She ended up throwing them out and getting plain white plates that she could dress up accordingly. It’s easier to buy new napkins, throw pillows, or other small items for a pop of color then having to get new plates, or a new couch.

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When registering it’s good to have a larger range of prices for your guest to choose from.  Don’t be afraid to register for a quality expensive pot and pan set just because you think it might be a burden for guests. Some people will want to spend a lot of money, or go in together to get you that expensive item. Likewise, make sure to have affordable items on there as well, you don’t want your guest to feel like the only thing they can afford to get you off your registry is a spatula.

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Those of you who are already married, we’d love to hear from you! What items did you register for and later regret? What were your favorite items from your registry that you still use and love? Any other advice you can add for future brides and grooms?

- Ellen & Aileen

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  1. Susie ·

    This is so true! Some of the things we thought people would never buys us, because of the price, we actually got.

  2. Amanda ·

    While I didn’t think China would be practical, I was determined to register for napkin rings, cloth napkins and wine glasses for our more elegant entertaining. Five years later, we have used the wine glasses once, and the napkins/rings NEVER! I agree with the advice from the post to be honest with yourself about what kind of entertaining you’ll do, not what kind you WISH you would do. The registry items we’ve been happiest with? Our classic white dishes from Crate & Barrel, good pots and pans by Calphalon and quality towels from Macy’s. All are used on a regular basis and have held up great. Invest in the sorts of items you’ll be able to appreciate every day!

  3. bart ·

    Cool page.

  4. Kelly P. ·

    I can’t agree more! I registered for a holiday punch bowl for my eggnog, but after getting it I realized I can only use it during the winter without it looking out of place. And It’s not really worth having something you can only use for 1 month of the year!

  5. Deepak Singh ·

    nice article