Field Trip: Wayfair Shops Brimfield
Kate Karam
Field Trip: Wayfair Shops Brimfield
Photo Credit: Shelby Hill
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The Editorial team here at Wayfair spent a day at the Brimfield Antique and Collectibles Show  (yes, we adore our jobs), that famed thrice yearly Antiqapoolza located in Western Massachusetts for folks who love old stuff. The July event is the smallest of the three shows (the others are in May and September), but nonetheless provided us a rich array of items ranging from humble yard sale finds to truly aspirational collectibles and furnishings.  A few trends emerged from this summer’s show and we thought we’d pass them along!

Photo Credit: Shelby Hill

Trend One:  Vintage Industrial

Over-scale metal furniture and decorative pieces (vintage fans, fans, fans) have been on the radar since last September’s Brimfield show (and moving into the mass-market in 2013; at High Point’s spring market, vendors showed new versions of all sorts of vintage industrial) but they were kings of the castle this week. From intact old industrial pieces to repurposed industrial components, these items were everywhere and the best news is that this is a style that plays well in many types of décor. Consider adding something with large castors or reclaimed chunky wood and you’ve got the look.

Photo Credit: Shelby Hill

Trend Two: Moody Blues

From baby to cerulean, the color blue dotted the fields, seen in booth after booth in everything from dishes to furniture to industrial fixtures. Again, this is a trend to watch—at High Point we also saw the emergence of rich sapphire and cornflower blue in large furnishings such as couches and upholstered headboards. This one is a no-brainer for the rest of us, right?

Photo Credit: Shelby Hill

Trend Three: Away at Camp

This trend is just beginning (but we saw reps from several of your favorite stores at the show so keep a weather eye on this one) and it looks more tony and perhaps more playful than the lodge or Adirondack looks of the past. Gone are the thick lodge poles, fishing reels, and bear signs, replaced by canoes, trophies, and furnishings made from vintage awnings and plaid blankets.

Photo Credit: Shelby Hill

Trend Four: Typography

Designing by the numbers has never been easier with the vast array of décor items sporting numbers or words. We saw huge metal letters and numbers that looked like deconstructed advertising signage pieces as well as furniture with stenciled, woven, and embroidered words and letters. If you always wanted a big graphic “M” like Mary Tyler Moore’s apartment wall, this is your time!

Photo Credit: Shelby Hill

Trend Five: Lucite

Clearly not just for midcentury modern acolytes anymore, Lucite, that transparent material reminiscent of “Laugh-In” show era popped up in applications from table legs to chair backs and smaller pieces like boxes and bins. Already a fixture in the very high-end home furnishing market (think Kartell’s Louis Ghost Chair and Waterfall table), this trend is filtering down into the furniture version of ready-to-wear. Adding a piece or two to a room can feel modern without being kitchy or retro.

Since not everyone can skip out of the office (with the boss’s blessing) for a flea market crawl, we have created a group of products that are completely in synch with all the trends seen here. Pick a few pieces and then sit back and wait for the rest of the world to catch up!

We Came. We Shopped. We Bought.

Each of us took up the $20.00 bill challenge (buy one on-trend item for under 20 bucks). Here we are with our fab finds!

Photo Credit: Shelby Hill

1. Shelby’s vintage sports memorabilia

2. Kate’s zippered case made from a vintage camp awning

3. Catie’s animal print in bold colors

4. Tess’ industrial-style magnet board

- Kate

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  1. Nori ·

    Steampunk has been a trend for quite a while, so has vintage industrial- (Restoration Hardware)

  2. Sue ·

    Well, if these are the current trends, I’m in terrible trouble! lol
    Aside from the trend towards all things blue, none of these trends appeal to me at all. Oh well, I’ve never been one to follow the pack anyway when it comes to decorating. I just decorate the way I like and to make my family happy. And I have to say, having found Wayside, I am in heaven – you have something for everyone and I love shopping here!!

  3. Rena ·

    how much is image 4a – is this box for such a question??

  4. SOOOOOOOOOO glad you had a good time! Exhausting and Fun! You found great things!