Pops of Neon
Erika Johnson
Pops of Neon
Photo Credit: Erika Johnson
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I’ve always loved neon. When I was four, my very favorite romper had a bright neon yellow pattern, which I wore every day. Twenty-five years later, neon is still one of my favorite ways to dress up an outfit.

But neon for interiors? I’ve always loved color, but have never experimented with electric hues in our home. Now, my craving for bright shades has spilled into our home décor.

Our home is spread with neutral palettes of soft ivory and beach-washed seafoam, so tiny pops of bright yellow and electric pink make vibrant statements. The hues evoke a fun energy and a playful tone that soften the home, and I DO love an interesting conversation piece…

Here are my tips for using the boldest shades of neon in your home:

Less is more! It’s important to avoid overdoing it. A subtle pop of neon will go a long way.

  • Use neon in unexpected places to draw the eye to your favorite parts of the home
  • A little neon on a bookcase or desk creates visual interest and a unique vignette
  • Be daring! Experiment with different neon colors. The beauty of neon is that you can break out of your usual palette.

Join me in making your space a bit brighter for spring! How will you mix neon into your décor?

- Erika


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  1. Ashley ·

    I love the pink dress in the top picture! Where did you get that do you remember?

    • Thank you so much, Ashley! I do remember! It’s by a clothing company named LA Made :)