Office Space
Erika Johnson
Office Space
Photo Credit: Laura Day
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My fiancé and I are two entrepreneurial spirits dwelling in an office-less home. Our neighbors must scratch their heads as he paces along the white picket fence on a conference call while I video-conference from our dining table. Some days, the guest room serves as his office while I spread my files across the glassed-in patio. Although my favorite days are those that I field emails from our cozy bed, it’s time for an official workspace.

So, where to put it? Our home is historic and charming, but not sprawling by any means.

Our living room is the heart of the house, placed exactly at its center. It is spacious and airy. “Perfect for entertaining,” we thought when we moved in. Could it also be perfect for an office nook?

I vote yes.           

I dream of an airy, sleek workspace that is not complicated by clutter. A board on which to pin tear sheets, notes, and words of inspiration is another necessity.

The space needs to be visually appealing. A space in which I want to spend hours and hours each day. A space that will encourage our creativity and be conducive to conversation, all at once.

And how will I make the space “his and hers” friendly? We will install a long, neutral work surface with two chairs. Our tack boards will be personalized with photos of his Cape Cod childhood home, my Back Bay birthplace, and our surface will be dotted with brightly colored desk accessories and vases. I will photograph the process and can’t wait to update you with its unfolding!  In the meantime, I must ask…

What is one piece of your workspace that you could never live without?

- Erika

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  1. Caroline ·

    Erika, looove all these images! Let’s catch up soon….we’re planning a move to your neck of the woods in June:-) xoxo, Caroline

  2. Liz {Shorely Chic} ·

    OOO I can’t wait to see this process in photos! Brian and I are going through the same thing, except we are in a glorified Connecticut studio apartment!

    I can not live with out my new imac!!

  3. Stacey ·

    I’m totally in this mode myself right now, and can’t wait to follow along with your progress too!