Meet: Cynthia Bogart
Cynthia Bogart
Meet: Cynthia Bogart
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My 20-year-old daughter looked at me square in the face when I started my website,  2 years ago and said, “Mom, you are going to fail at this.”

I said, “Gee honey,  thanks, but why?”

“M..o…m,” she said, condescendingly I might add. “Women over 35 can barely read their email. How do you think they are going to figure out how to find your website? The internet is for young people.”

On that note, I started my career as the editor and founder of the website, The Daily Basics.

I am veteran Regional Editor for Better Homes and Gardens publications since the early 1990s. My job was to find beautiful and inspirational homes to photograph, style and produce the photo shoots, and write up a manuscript. However, when the magazine industry began reinventing itself online, I decided to do the same.

So there it was—a blank slate, or a blank screen. Creating a website with beautiful homes was not what I wanted to do. Over the years I had become fascinated with how people lived. Some had walls of books, others designed their kitchens for more than one cook or used their antique china and silver daily. There were those who collected and displayed guitars, lived in converted barns, raised chickens, had yoga rooms, or were even fabulous wanna-be Martha Stewarts. I wanted to focus on the intrinsic values, variety, and nuances in cooking, entertaining, the arts, decorating, and travel … in other words, lifestyle.

I looked at my kids glued to their facebook pages and it hit me. The internet has become a powerful force and as much as we were gaining from the instant info world, we were losing a lot to high tech. My fear was that traditional ways of living would become history. (Read my post about enjoying a cold winter night the old fashioned way.)  I reasoned that the way to lead the next generation away from a life in front of a screen was to show them what they were missing. Online. The pendulum had to swing back and when it does, they will have the information to balance the old with the new. Right? Much to my delight, I discovered tons of new fantastic blogs and websites that were popping up echoing my feelings. The problem was, while they were talking the lifestyle talk, their lack of tech skills kept them hidden in the cyber world.

Hence, my mission was born. I created The Daily Basics as a lifestyle platform. I would write one post about things I discovered behind the scenes in people’s homes when I was a magazine editor. Taking it one step further, the kumbaya in me had to ask all of these other really cool bloggers to join my community. After all, that neglected demographic, you know, the one my daughter thinks does not know how to use a computer, is a busy gal and needs one-stop shopping to find interesting lifestyle blogs and websites in The Daily Basics’ directory.

Photo Credit: Cynthia Bogart

So despite my daughter’s prediction, I am still here. This last Christmas, she made me a gift to tell me how proud she was of me. (And P.S.—she reads my posts every day!)

How are you living the good life?

- Cynthia

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  1. I am delighted to find Cynthia gracing your pages, she has so much fabulous content to share.

  2. Lu Samu/Really at Home ·

    Love the bag and The Daily Basics. Congratulations Cynthia!!!

  3. Congrats on your first post Cynthia! The bag from your daughter is so sweet too btw!

  4. Kate ·

    I all comes down to the basics :-) Love the bag, too!