Mirror, Mirror
Erika Johnson
Mirror, Mirror
Photo Credit: Annie Schlechter for Domino Magazine
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In an effort to make our home feel like ours, I turn to design for inspiration. In this house, the process of rearranging walls is a constant work in progress. When new art is acquired, older pieces spill onto hallway and guest room walls. As our home evolves, the one design element that remains consistent is our mirror collection.

If walls are a blank canvas, then mirrors are my favorite medium. Over the years, my collection has grown into what I hope will serendipitously become a grand wall of mirrors, built around one show-stopping focal piece.

I love the light drawn into a room by mirrors. They can create the illusion of a much larger room, spread a soft, flickering glow when in the vicinity of a candle, and provide a place to give oneself a last approving glance before darting out the door. I’m particularly drawn to those that are stately, gilded, and bright.


With so many show-stopping pieces, it’s hard to choose a favorite.  Then again, must we? Which mirror would be the focal point of your wall?

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  1. Jen ·

    I love the mixture of shapes and textures here, definitely something I’m going to try to replicate!

  2. Paula ·

    Wow! This makes for such an interesting wall! Love it!