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Enjoy a movie night on the couch with a fresh bag of popcorn. Shop from our collection of top popcorn machines and accessories

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Popcorn Machines Buying Guide

A popcorn machine is the perfect way to transform a regular night on the couch into a movie night. Popcorn makers are also a fun way to transform a backyard party into a fun-filled circus. Like other small appliances, popcorn machines have specific performance metrics and features to look for, like wattage, kettle size, as well as the overall construction. You want to purchase a popcorn machine or popcorn maker that is durable and will produce the right amount of popcorn. If you like to make large batches of popcorn, then you will need to find a popcorn machine with premium features; however, if you plan to make popcorn for your weekly of biweekly move nights, then a smaller popcorn maker will do the job. There is the right popcorn maker for every person, and here is a quick guide to help you find the best popcorn machine that works for you.

popcorn machines and popcorn makers
Small appliances give you the ability to quickly put together your favorite snacks and meals, including popcorn and kettle corn. The power of the machine depends on wattage, which is a measurement of the electrical current. Higher wattage results in more power, which means improved performance. You don’t need to purchase a popcorn machine with the highest wattage; however, if you plan creating a home theater then a popcorn machine with higher wattage will help you quickly cook your favorite flavored popcorn. If you want to make large batches of popcorn, then consider purchasing a popcorn machine with 600-800 watts of power. Lower wattage works well if you don’t need to make large batches of popcorn.

popcorn machines and popcorn makers
The perfect home theater comes with a nostalgic popcorn maker, complete with red trim and your favorite buttery smell. In addition to wattage, the kettle size of your popcorn maker is the second most important features. You won’t be able to make large batches of popcorn unless you have a large kettle size. Each kettle size produces a specific volume of popcorn, from 2 to 8 oz. The rate at which the popcorn is made is also an important factor. The kettle size ultimate determines how much the popcorn machine will produce if consistently running for an hour. If you are unsure, then the best option would be to try a medium-sized kettle that holds 6 oz, which is enough to feed a family or a small group of friends.

popcorn machines and popcorn makers
If you are ready to graduate beyond a microwave popcorn maker, then a popcorn machine is the perfect addition to your home. Finding a popcorn machine that will withstand many uses involves selecting one that is made with the right materials. The best popcorn machines are made to withstand high temperatures, as well as butter and salt. Metal and glass are the perfect materials for popcorn makers because it is easy to clean and avoids corrosion.

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