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Whether you're at a park,

or right at home, enjoy some old-fashioned fun with a picnic. A quintessential sign that spring has arrived, a picnic is the perfect excuse to enjoy the warm (and sunny!) weather with family and friends. Find out how you can put together the perfect picnic with our must-have picks and tips.
Hosting a big party or family get together? Consider a buffet-style picnic that's casual and fun. 
Photos: Thomas J. Story

Easy tips from our editors

Picnic Essentials
If there is a lack of seating, bring other options like beach chairs, outdoor cushions, and blankets.
  • Opt for lightweight and reusable or disposable dinnerware. Consider options made from paper, bamboo, plastic, or tin. 
Pack picnic-friendly food. Choose a meal that doesn't have to be refrigerated for safety reasons.
Transport food in lidded containers that have a tight seal to prevent spills and messes. 
Remember to pick up after yourself. Prepare for clean-up with garbage bags for trash and resealable bags for leftovers. 
table cloth

If there's no picnic table around, use your table cloth as a blanket instead. 

Indigo Table Cloth TAG $59.50

 Scratch- and shatter-resistant, invest in set of these playful dinner plates.

Florentine 11" Melamine Dinner Plate French Bull $44.00
picnic basket

A classic picnic basket is a stylish way to carry and store your meals. 

Eco-Friendly Picnic Basket Eco Displayware $53.99
water carafe

Keep beverages contained with a lidded carafe.

Jakob Wagner 33 oz. Water Carafe with Lid Menu $29.95

Bamboo flatware is a reusable, eco-friendly option.

Bamboo 3 Piece Flatware Set Totally Bamboo $12.72

For a bike or hike picnic, consider a lightweight backpack basket.

food container

Keep side dishes separate from the main course with this clever food carrier. 

Two Tier Stainless Steel Tiffin To-GoWare $24.99

Pack a durable blanket that can handle outdoor elements. 

Sunrise Velour Blanket Bocasa Blankets $51.48

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