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Mauviel Cookware

Upgrade our kitchen with the finest quality copper cookware. Shop from Mauviel’s copper saucepans, mixing bowls, and Dutch ovens.

Mauviel copper cookware brings a rich culinary tradition to your kitchen and table. The production of Mauviel copper cookware follows the tradition and ''savoir faire'' which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Chosen by regular and demanding professionals, Mauviel is continuously researching high performance techniques and materials for creating new cookware. Mauviel copper cookware is universally known for its design and high quality. Mauviel cookware will bring pleasure and efficiency to the professional cookers and to those who dream to cook like a professional.

Mauviel, the Art of Professional cooking!

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Mauviel Cookware

Mauviel copper cookware is native to Northern France, where it began in a city that had an 800 year tradition of copper manufacturing. Mauviel offers some of the world’s finest quality copper cookware that has been perfected from generation to generation. The company has a wide selection of cookware that is perfect for both commercial chefs and at-home cooks. With 1,000 different copper cookware products, you are likely to find the perfect addition to kitchen. If you have never cooked with copper cookware, then you are in for a treat with Mauviel’s expertly crafted pots and pans. Copper cookware is well-known for its ability to conduct heat. Copper allows you to easily reach precise levels of heat and sustain them over a period of time. Similarly, the thermal conductivity of copper is evenly dispersed around the surface of your pan. Once you remove copper from heat, then the food quickly stops cooking.

mauviel saucepan
Copper saucepans are perfect for cooking a wide range of liquids that need to be simmered and poured. Mauviel copper saucepans are perfect for cooking everything from béchamel sauce to tempering chocolate. Copper is one of the best metals for heating liquids because it can heat up quickly. You can use copper saucepans to even melt sugar at just the right temperature.

mauviel frying pan
Mauviel copper frying pans and skillets are the perfect cooking companion and they are easy to clean. Copper frying pans and skillets are beautiful polished and have well-crafted handles to help you move the pan from one burner to another. The pans are great for all types of cooks and they can be used on a variety of different stovetops, including gas, electric and halogen.

mauviel copper fondue
Dazzle your guests with a beautiful copper fondue set from Mauviel. The traditional Mauviel fondue sets are timeless cookware pieces for your kitchen. These beautifully made cookware pieces include copper tinning inside, which helps to heat up everything from chocolate to oil. Cook meat, vegetables or simply dip sweat strawberries in an elegant and chic copper fondue pot.

mauviel casserole dish and french oven
Casserole pots and French ovens are iconic cookware pieces. Mauviel’s beautifully polished casserole and French ovens are made with copper, a stainless steel interior and stainless steel rivets to firmly affix the handle. The pots are perfect for braising your favorite foods, as you can easily control the temperature.

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