Special Nonexistent Furniture

Think beyond bedding: linen lampshades, wallpaper, and even stationery are other ways to indulge in this essential fiber. 
It gets better with age. The more linen is washed the softer and more luminous it becomes.
In a study, researchers found that people who sleep on linen sheets fall asleep faster and wake up in a better mood than those using other fabrics. Who knew?
To keep white linens white, go old school and try drying them in the sun.
Linen in spun from flax, a plant whose finicky nature combined with the difficulty of weaving the fibers, makes this ancient material expensive (but worth it!).

While never "out", sumptuous linen has one again
become the in-demand darling of decorators. Thanks largely to interior designer superstar Axel Vaervoordt (he of the sexy, rumpled, linen-dressed bed), we're seeing a resurgence in the use of this heirloom-quality fabric as an element of "Belgian Style" or as a nod to pure luxury.
Highly desired since the Egyptians used it for mummys, linen today is easy to find, from napkins and sheets to drapes and slipcovers. Linen is ideal for drapes because it holds its shape, dreamy for sheets because the fabric breathes, and optimal for upholstery because of its easy care.