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Can't decide on a color scheme? Use magazine pages, Pinterest pins, and fabric swatches to create an inspirational board that combines bold colors you love.
If you're new to color, try a 70/20/10 distribution. The lightest color should be used in 70% of the room, the second lightest in 20%, and the boldest in 10%.
Redecorating multiple rooms? Be sure to weave main accent colors throughout the spaces to create a sense of continuity.
For a cohesive space, remember the rule of three: Use an accent color at least three times in a room.
Feeling color shy? Start with smaller, budget-friendly accents like lamps, vases, pillows, and blankets.


Be brave and go bold! From lemon and tangerine
to pink and lime, we love seeing homes blanketed in a rainbow of exciting color. Dive head first into bold hues with a statement piece, like a purple chair or orange wallpaper. If you're a bit color shy—and we don't blame you, decorating with color can be intimidating at first—start with budget-friendly accents like lamps, vases, pillows, and blankets. We've got tricks, tips, and easy-to-follow rules that will help instantly brighten your home.

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