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Solving Design Dilemmas, Part Two

In the dark about lighting? Managing editor Kate Karam shares a few quick tips and simple, affordable solutions.

"How high to hang a swing arm wall lamp? Simple! The bottom of the shade should be at eye level when someone is seated."
"Picture lights are sold in lengths. As a general rule select a light that's about one-half the width of the framed piece. (This 14-inch light would be ideal for a 25- to 
37-inch picture.)"

"Can't tell black from navy in the closet? Install a fluorescent light fixture. Fluorescent lights are great at color rendering. And they're energy-efficient."
"Installing a dimmer switch saves energy, extends the life of light bulbs, and adjusts for mood lighting."
"Don't ditch the lamp, change the shade! Replacement shades are available in many heights and color combinations."

"A chandelier that's hung too close to the ceiling can feel like there's something looming overhead. Hang a light fixture no less than 30-34 inches from the table top."
7 Favorite Finds!
"Xenon bulbs are an excellent choice for under cabinet kitchen lighting. They're long lasting and give off really beautiful, warm, bright white light while producing less heat."

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