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Designer Picks: 2 Gays and a Design

This designing duo chose their top picks from our catalog.

Check out this glamorous collection from 2 Gays and a Design.
Jason Dunn & Michael Peters
"Not your standard shelving unit. In addition to being well crafted, it works in any room."
"This piece is modern, chic, and extremely luxurious at an affordable price."
"This fixture makes a dramatic dining room focal point."
"These chairs complement virtually every dining table."
"Believe it or not, this sofa complements a multitude of design styles. It's that right pop of boldness to give your room personality."

"This is one of the most well-made and affordable chairs you can buy online."
Check out how they used the Viviana Collection chandelier as the focal point of a stunning dining room!

"You're sure to be sitting diva-style in this awesome chair. Place them at the ends of the table for a real

"This sofa is elegant, from a trusted designer brand, and is super comfortable."
"This is an awesome foyer pendant that explodes with character and personality."

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