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Decorating with Outdoor Pillows

Our editors pick 7 decorative outdoor pillows that will liven up any outside space.

"Layer these softly patterned lumbar pillows with larger square pillows on an outdoor sofa for added comfort and a touch
of color."
"As a bestseller, our customers are swooning over the rich colors and painterly aesthetic of this pretty bird motif pillow."
"With a pretty coral color reminiscent of a beautiful sunset, this pillow will sit perfectly alongside other yellow, red, or orange accents." 
"Custom printed for every order, we just can't get enough of this trendy watercolor look! Added bonus: it's waterproof!"
"Whether in bright green or calming blue, you can't go wrong with stripes! Available in five colors, this pillow can be used indoors, too." 

"Mix n' match this simple, black and white polka dot pillow with other solid or large-scale patterned pillows. This one's removable cover makes it easy
to clean."
7 Favorite Finds!
"Go nautical this summer! This budget-friendly graphic ship pillow would be an eye-catching and classic maritime accent to your outdoor space."

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