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Bedside Essentials

Start your checklist! Market editor Tess Meyer selects her favorite bedside accessories.

"I'm all starry eyed for this smoothly shaped aqua table lamp by ARTERIORS.  At 26 inches tall, this will make for a textbook perfect bedside lamp."
"Since I don't have a TV in my bedroom, this compact and adjustable iPad stand makes for an instant movie theatre in the coziness of my own bed."
"If you're looking for something to send you off to dreamland with lovely visions, check out this new book from the creator of Apartment Therapy (one of my obsessions)."
"At 38 ounces, drip-free and durable, this simply designed carafe will keep me hydrated all night long. Plus, it comes in multiple colors."
water bottle
"A metal giraffe ring holder? How cool! Metals are a big home décor trend and with this one's affordable price, I can get the look for less."

"A little ambiance in the bedroom never hurt. This candle design is adorably chic before and after the candle runs out. I'd reuse this glass tumbler as a tea light holder."
7 Favorite Finds!
"One could use their iPhone to wake them up, but I'll stick to my old school alarm clock. Available in a vibrant blue or pink, this bright and playful clock would look fly in my bedroom."

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