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Trend Alert: Geometric Patterns and Shapes

From sparkling jewel-toned mirrors to graphic accent chairs, this eye-catching trend is shaping up to be quite popular this fall.

Geometric patterns and shapes
are trending! (We spotted them at the fall 2013 NY NOW show.) From lighting to decorative accents, these strikingly crisp patterns--including hexagonal, diamond, honeycomb, and zig zag--can refresh any space. Don't worry about geometric patterns going out of style, they're both modern and retro (think Art Deco and the 1960s).

Tip! Start small. Try a graphic pillow or throw blanket to accent a neutral sofa or beautify an end table with fun prism-like display cases. Geometric wall art is another no-fail way to integrate this trend into your space. If you're looking for a statement piece, a three-dimensional mirror or pendant light will do the trick. 

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