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How to Set Up a Buffet Table

  • No matter the social gathering, a functional buffet table creates an enjoyable experience for family and friends. Once you know how to set up a buffet, you'll be prepared to host any event! We help you create a well-organized table that makes serving guests easier and more efficient, whether it's for a small or large party. Follow these helpful steps to get you serving in style without the stress!

    Things you'll need:
    1. Table (sideboard, buffet, kitchen, etc.)
    2. Tablecloth (optional)
    3. Napkins
    4. Plates
    5. Flatware
    6. Serving Dishes
    7. Serving Utensils

    How to Set Up a Buffet Table

  • Tip! When planning your meal, think about choosing dishes that can be cooked or at least prepared the day before. Or opt for dishes that can be served last minute. It's one less thing to worry about on the day of your fiesta!

    1. Move your dining/kitchen table or try a sideboard table, into the area you will be entertaining. If you have the space, position the table away from the wall, allowing guests to access the table from all sides.  
    1. Before filling the table up with platters of food, take out the serveware and utensils you want to use and arrange them to see how they will fit. This way you'll know exactly how to place things when it's time to serve food the day of the party. 
  • Tip! If you don't have matching dinnerware, try mixing and matching plates for a playful touch.

    1. Find a table linen that coordinates with your decor or the theme of your event. It adds interest to your table and protects your furniture piece. Remember when setting up the food to place a few empty saucers around the table. This gives guests a place to rest serving utensils (and keeps your tablecloth clean!). 
  • Tip! If you don't have table linens at your disposal, a decorative tapestry or blanket is a good alternative. They serve the same purpose and no one will be able to tell the difference.

    1. Keep flatware and napkins together in an easily accessible spot on the table, like the corner.  
    2. Bring larger serving dishes to the table first. Then, fill in the surrounding spaces with the smaller dishes. 
    3. Fill in empty spots on the table with smaller decorative touches, such as confetti, food labels, candles etc. 
    4. If room permits, keep desserts and/or drinks at a separate table so you don't have to clear off the buffet right away.  
  • Tip! When choosing flowers, create low arrangements that leave room for more food. Stay away from flowers that are heavily scented. You don't want the scent to compete with the smell of your delicious food. 
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