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by Bree Johnson

Bree Johnson is the colorful and bright blogger from classically quirky a DIY event styling and photography blog. She is also the designer for Etsy.com shop cocorosecouture. Bree is an American living in Canada and loves to travel with her sweet little family.

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  • Photo: Bree Johnson
  • I used paper plates to make this backdrop for a blue ombre party. This backdrop is an easy, inexpensive way to add some pizzazz to any party.  It has a huge impact behind the focal buffet wall or adds some color as the background for a makeshift photo booth. These blue hues were the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer without too much of an ocean theme.
  • Photo: Bree Johnson

    What you'll need:

    4 24-packs of paper plates in a range of colors
    2 sheets of MDF, medium-density fibreboard
    Staple gun
    1/4 inch staples

    How to make it:

    For my purposes, I need to construct the backdrop in two pieces so I could transport it to an event.

    ​I started with two sheets of MDF and about 96 paper plates (four 24-packs). I used a staple gun to adhere the plates to the boards with 1/4 inch staples.

    Because there were two boards I started to place the plates in the middle first so the seams didn't show.  I stapled the plates to the wood at the top, so that when I layered the other plates over the staples would be covered.

    To start the next row, I put a plate centered above two plates in a staggered pattern, to cover up the majority of the MDF. Then I continued working my way out.

    To create an ombre motif, start with the darkest color at the top and have each band of color get lighter until you have a band of the lightest color at the bottom, or vice versa. I started with the lightest to darkest going up.

  • Paint the MDF the color of your plates so the two blend together. This way, if the MDF does peek through, it won't be as noticeable. 

  • Photo: Bree Johnson
  • For each band of color, I used four rows of the same plates. If you have a different height of board just divide the height of the board by how many colors of plates you have. You might overlap the board and not be exactly to the edge but that's okay...nobody will see the wood that way.
  • Photo: Bree Johnson
  • Complete the look with blue linens, blue pillows, glasses with scallops, and hints silver. Some of my personal favorites for an underwater party are in the sidebar. Use white as an accent for a clean look, while aqua feels fresh. This totally blue party makes me want to hold onto summer as long as I can!
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