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Toy Storage Ideas

Ready, set, organize! Store your kids' new (or old) toys out of the way with our must-have picks and handy tips.

  • kid bedroom storage
    Stanley Case Works From $216.99 (prices vary)
    Corral everything from stuffed animals to board games in a sturdy storage trunk. It will sit pretty at the end of a bed. 

  • 3 Sprouts $24.95
    Utilize vertical space (like the unused backs of doors) with hanging organizers, like this flamingo one. 

  • Fox Run Craftsmen $12.05
    Try a hanging basket as a clever alternative to a bookcase or shelves! Install one in the corner of a closet to stow away small items, like action figures.  

  • Prepac $104.95
    Seating and storage in one! Save floor space in a bedroom or game room with a storage bench.

  • Get rid of clutter with our top 9 storage solutions for kids' bedrooms. 
    Everything you need to set up a playroom, from toy storage, to tables, easels, play tents, and more! 

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