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Top 10 Kitchen and Dining Sets

Get everything you need to complete your dining room with our editors' favorite picks and tips.

  • Crosley $547.00 (prices vary)
    Reminiscent of a French bistro set, this stylish grouping is available in five bright colors and a galvanized metal finish. 

  • Linon $394.95
    Build your own cozy kitchen nook on a budget with this ready-made set. 

  • TMS $225.99
    Comfortably seat four at this transitional-style dining table. It comes with upholstered chairs, too. 

  • Dorel Living $202.99
    The versatility and narrowness of this drop-leaf table is a smart space-saving solution—an apartment dweller's dream! 

  • Home Styles $1,049.95 (prices vary)
    The details of this classic set will add a traditional, yet casual look to your space. 

  • Give your dining room or kitchen a new look without breaking your budget
    We define the characteristics of four main styles of kitchen and dining tables.

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