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Top 10 Home Office Computer Desks

Whether you work from home or need a homework spot for your kids, Wayfair editors pick the best computer desks.

  • Techni Mobili $166.26
    Two of our bestselling desks! One (right) offers lots of storage and the other (left) is compact, making it ideal for small spaces.

  • Bush Industries $219.95
    Desks with hutches are great for turning empty kitchen walls, transitional spaces, or hallways into office spaces. They provide lots of storage and organization options.

  • Convenience Concepts $149.95
    Both of these contemporary style desks feature sleek lines. This white desk's trestle legs add masculinity to the lacquered finish.

  • Hooker Furniture $2,300.00
    With doors and drawers closed, the desk on the left conceals any mess with a cabinet facade. The small-scale desk (right) has a folding drawer to hide a keyboard or laptop.

  • Monarch Specialties Inc. $301.99
    Made for corners, L-shaped desks allow you to use all of the space available. But they can also be used to section off large rooms.

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