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How to Create a Baking Station

Everything you need to create a dedicated baking spot in your kitchen.

  • Artisan Designer Series Stand Mixer KitchenAid $399.99
    Stand mixers are the gold standard for consistent and quick mixing. They also keep your hands free to continue your recipe or 

  • Granite Top Portable Cart/Island Crosley $299.00
    Cool stone surfaces are best for rolling out pastry dough because they keep the dough from softening and sticking.

  • Mixing Bowls (Set of 3) Cuisinox $50.99
    Having an assortment of bowl sizes is important. Too small, and ingredients go flying. Too large, and you waste dishwasher space.

  • Silpain Perforated Baking Mat Silpat $22.45
    Flexible baking mats are a better, reusable alternative to parchment paper. Nothing sticks!

  • Pastry Decorating Set Kuhn Rikon Corporation $39.94
    The key to professional-looking treats is decorating with a pastry bag. Even with a plain tip, your frosting will look great.

  • 14-Cup Food Processor Cuisinart $199.00
    A food processor is a timesaver for crushing graham crackers, chopping nuts, pulsing together pie crust, or whipping up a mousse.

  • Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons Amco Houseworks $13.95
    Look for measuring spoons that are flat from the handle to the scoop for leveling your ingredients. 

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