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Essentials for Thanksgiving Dinner

Everything you need to make this bountiful holiday meal a success, just add friends and family!

  • Large Roasting Pan with Rack and Turkey Forks All-Clad $199.95
    The heavier the pan, the better. Measure your oven before deciding on a size; some wall ovens are surprisingly small.​

  • Stainless Steel Stockpot with Lid Bayou Classic From $73.99
    A stock pot that holds at least 20 quarts works for brining a 12 to 16-pound turkey, while a 10 to 12-quart pot is the right size for turkey soup leftovers.

  • 3-Piece Baster Set Fox Run Craftsmen $8.99
    A baster that includes an injector attachment lets you pump flavor and moisture into the thick parts of the meat.

  • Aluminum Candle Holder Israel Giftware Design $49.99
    When setting the holiday table, use taper candle holders at the center, or scatter small votive candle holders around the table.

  • All of our tips to pull off Thanksgiving dinner without a hitch; from pantry staples to cooking the turkey and everything in between!
    Take a look at some of the most delicious side dish, dessert, and drink recipes we know for the holidays, along with table-setting and decorating tips!

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