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DIY Backyard Wedding Ideas

Create a lively and memorable event with our top picks and easy decorating ideas.

  • Antique Brushed Picture/Poster Frame Craig Frames Inc. From $44.99 (prices vary)
    Hang fun backdrop like paper garland on a wall or fence outside, then have guests pose with an empty frame for an easy photo-op. 

  • String Light Paper Lanterns Luminarias $32.99
    Lit or unlit, paper lanterns will add a whimsical element to any backyard. Hang them from tree limbs or inside a tent. 

  • Simplicity Dessert Stand Artland $36.99
    Look for a simple cake stand that won't steal the show from your beautifully decorated dessert. 

  • From flowers and décor to your guest book and favors, there's a lot of wedding DIY bliss to enjoy!
    Brimming with fresh blueberries and blackberries, this two-tiered sheet cake has you covered for something blue!

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