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Color Story: Fall Foliage

Bring the outdoors in with these easy accents inspired by nature's autumn color palette.

  • Dekorasyon Gifts & Decor $39.99
    Serve in style! These beautiful plates, made from crushed shells, will add a polished and charming touch to any autumn table setting. 

  • Pine Cone Hill From $68.00 (prices vary)
    Accent pillows are the easiest way to infuse seasonal colors into your decor. Try a pair on the sofa or one on an accent chair.​

  • Safavieh $101.99 (prices vary)
    Table lamps with boldly colored shades can change up the feel of a room.

  • Kaleen From $199.00 (prices vary)
    Consider changing out the runner in the entryway of your home for one in a seasonal hue.  

  • Wildon Home ® $219.95
    Hang this rich, dark brown mirror in the entry to set an autumn mood right away. 

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