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A Guide to Using Area Rugs in the Bedroom

Learn how to decorate your space with our 5 helpful tips and product picks.

  • Shaw Rugs $30.30 (prices vary)
    Measure the size of your room before choosing an area rug. A rug proportionate to your room is key for a well-decorated space.    

  • Prairie Rugs $278.99 (prices vary)
     Your rug should be big enough so that your feet land on the rug when you are getting out of bed (at least 2 to 3 feet on each side).

  • Linon Rugs From $39.99 (prices vary)
    A plush or flokati rug (like this one) adds a major cozy factor, as well as a soft landing place.     

  • Calvin Klein Home Rug Collection From $459.99 (prices vary)
    Look for an area rug with subtle hues or a neutral color palette. It will make your space feel more calm.   

  • Jaipur Rugs From $39.99 (prices vary)
    Place area rugs to fit the shape of your room. For example, in narrow rooms, make sure the long sides of the rug are running parallel to the longest walls in the room. 

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