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20 Essentials for Christmas Eve

Make sure you have everything you need while waiting up for Santa's arrival.

  • Christmas Eve Decor
    Nordic Holiday Season of Love Stocking Eastern Accents $72.50
    Stocking stuffers don't have to be big, but they should be personal. Try a gift inspired by your loved one's fave film, hobby, or sports team.

  • Canteen 13.5 oz Double Wall Insulated Glass Bodum $24.95
    A plate of cookies and a  glass of milk go hand-in-hand. This insulated glass will keep the milk ice cold until Santa arrives.

  • Cabana Pet Crate Cover Snoozer Pet Products $69.99
    Don't leave your furry friend out of the holiday festivities! Deck the halls of pet beds, crates, and toy bins, too! ​

  • Crescendo Brandy Snifter Glass Luigi Bormioli $36.52
    Once you've put the kids to bed, a stiff drink while awaiting Santa's arrival is a must for mom and dad.​

  • Sicilian Harvest Gel Fuel Fireplace Wildon Home ® $314.69 (prices vary)
    Don't have a real chimney for Santa to shimmy down? You can still warm yourself by the fire with a gas, gel, or electric fireplace.​

  • Starwatcher Refractor Telescope Barska $99.99
    Keep a telescope or binocoluars by the window for the little ones. They'll be looking for Santa and his reindeer pals all night long!

  • From creative to super-simple, we share three festive and fun ways to display holiday cards.
    Get ahead of the holidays with storage solutions for all of your ornaments, decor, gift wrap and more! 

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