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Designer Q&A: At Home with Austin Bean Design Studio

by Austin Bean Design Studio

After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a bachelor of architecture, Bailey worked for Pelli Clarke Pelli in both the Connecticut and New York offices. She brought invaluable experience and knowledge with her when she returned to Tulsa to enrich her life with friends and family. Bailey’s unique ability to visualize interiors from the beginning of an architectural project sets her apart. Her aesthetic is a casual modern style, layering sophisticated finishes with functional details.

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  • We caught up with Bailey Austin, the founder of Austin Bean Design Studio in Tulsa, Okla., for a tour of her comfy eclectic home. Lucky for us, this designer didn't stop there. She shared her best design tips for guest rooms, how to work within a budget, and the art of accessorizing. Keep reading to check out all of her tips and tricks for creating your own cozy abode.
  • 1. What was your goal in designing this home for yourself?

    This was my first home that I included some investment pieces, so I wanted neutral, durable furnishings with classic silhouettes that could grow with me.

    2. Did you use a lot of custom pieces in the space? 

    My home's interiors were budget-driven! I was trying to maximize utility on a tight budget, which pushed me to seek out items on sale. I mixed brands across the board. Nearly everything was from online retailers with the exception of a few custom pieces. 

    3. What influenced the color selections for the space? 

    ​I wanted a light and airy feel with pops of color and unique artifacts throughout. You can always add color to a neutral space with pillows and accessories. 

  • 4. What element of the space did you begin with? 

    The kitchen cabinet color. It's basically the darkest color in the house, and it's surrounded by flat white paint. With everything else being so light, the cabinets help to ground the home. High contrast in tones can give a neutral space a lot of depth.

    5. If you had to choose your favorite element in this project what would it be? 

    The vaulted ceiling in the living room made the space feel bigger. It doesn't matter if you've got small bedrooms, an open living space allows you to entertain family and friends and truly enjoy your home without feeling cramped.  

  • 6. What is your favorite design tip?

    I love twin beds for guest rooms because they give you more flexibility with guests.

    7. What's your best design trick when styling a space? 

    Edit. I would rather have nothing on a table than something that doesn't fit. Bring together old and new in one space by collecting accessories when you're traveling and always be on the lookout for items that will bring character and interest to your home. Having layers and variation in your neutrals allows artifacts, art, and pops of color to stand out.

    8. Every room needs _____.

    To reflect your personality. 

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