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  • From children's book-inspired wall art to home improvement projects, take a look at what our Homemakers have shared during the week of April 14, 2014.
  • Bite Sized Pecan Pies by Aimee Broussard

    I can think of nothing better to celebrate National Pecan Day than these Bite Sized Pecan Pies. They're large enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, but small enough not to completely wreck your waistline. And besides, pecans are good for you and I'm just trying to make sure you get your daily allotment of nuts. Created with a refrigerated pie crust, you can whip up a dozen of these babies in no time. ... Read More

  • Dr. Seuss Room: Book Page Pennant Banner by Bombshell Bling

    Hello, Dr. Seuss lovers! Today we are going to talk about how I made these super fun book page pennant banners for my son's Dr. Seuss room. Have you seen his full room reveal yet? Check it out HERE  You won't be sorry!  If you love bright, fun, or Dr. Seuss then I know you will love it! Now on to the simple tutorial that will teach you to make your own book page pennant banner. ... Read More

  • One Project, Two Takes {The Lady Chair} by Suburban Bitches

    Our sweet friend Kristen had bought a set of vintage Herendon armchairs – dainty little yellow velvet beauties that sadly didn't work with the scale of the furniture in her sitting room & as she only has boys, it wasn't going to work in any of their bedrooms. She passed one on to Erin and one to me for our little girls' rooms. ... Read More

  • My DIY Planter + Some Easter DIY Inspiration by Art in the Find

    Every now and again what I used to love becomes something I want to make a little change to in my living space.  Does that happen to you? ...
    This week, I decided to tackle our outdoor space. When I say outdoor, I mean our tiny, 8 x 5 "patio" outside our condo on the 13th floor that I've previously tried to stuff with various "patio" items that haven't quite made me feel very inspired. ... Read More

  • I Knew You Had It In You by The Thome Home

    How many 5 gallon buckets of paint does it take to cover this house? Well, a lot, and if you want an exact answer I'll pull out all of our receipts that I've hidden to try to forget how much money we've spent in paint thus far.  All we have been doing the past weeks has been painting.  We've managed to complete the four bedrooms upstairs, upstairs closets, hallway, front living room and well, that's it. ... Read More

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