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All-Clad Collection Comparison Guide (Sponsored)

by All-Clad

All-Clad began in 1967 as Clad Metals, a company that specialized in formulating bonded metals for various industries. In 1971, All-Clad Metalcrafters was established and began producing professional quality bonded cookware for working chefs and avid home cooks. Today, All-Clad cookware is still handcrafted in Canonsburg, Penn., with American-made steel the same way it was four decades ago. Originally designed to meet the demands of professional chefs, All-Clad is the undisputed choice in top culinary circles and is a prized possession of uncompromising home cooks.

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  • Which All-Clad Collection best fits your cooking style? When you're beginning the search for a new set of cookware or the perfect piece to complete your collection ask yourself the following questions to get started:

    1. What type of cook are you?
    2. How often do you cook?
    3. ​Are you a practical cook that has a few go-to recipes or more of a culinary daredevil?
    4. What type of stovetop do you have? Gas? Electric? Induction?
  • Stainless Collection

    All-Clad's most popular bonded cookware collection will give you amazing results every time.
    1. Classic in every aspect
    2. Designed for use on any type of cooktop surface
    3. Ideal selection for both world-class chefs and beginners

    ​Read more about the Stainless Collection.

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  • D5 Brushed Collection

    This collection utilizes innovative technology designed to make the most of your culinary talents.

    1. Optimized for induction cooking
    2. Patented technologoy delivers even heat distribution
    3. Featured pouring lips and larger help handles

    Read more about the D5 Brushed Collection.

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  • Copper Core Collection

    This ultimate All-Clad Collection will take your gourmet expertise to a new level!
    1. Provides unparalleled heating control
    2. Energy-efficient
    3. Designed to reveal beautiful copper

    Read more about the Copper Core Collection.

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  • Side-by-side comparison of collection construction
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