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Find the perfect shower faucet, sink faucet or tub faucet for your bathroom from our stylish Grohe collection.



Grohe is one of the leading retailers in the world for bathroom faucets and fixtures. As one of the largest faucet importers in the United States, Grohe has an exhaustive collection of faucet products, including parts, components and accessories. If you are looking to create a rejuvenating bathroom, then Grohe bathroom faucets are the perfect addition to your design. Grohe transforms your bathroom experience by combining elegant design and effective functionality. The chrome finishes and smooth design create eye-catching statements in your bathroom. You can combine multiple Grohe products, such as bathroom sink faucets and bath faucets, to create a consistently relaxing design throughout your bathroom.

grohe shower faucets
Grohe shower faucets make your showering a refreshing and relaxing experience. Grohe shower faucets are made from superior quality products and are built to create a dynamic and enveloping flow of water. Many Grohe shower faucets come with a horizontal swivel shower arm so you can make sure to wash all angles. Their shower faucets also come with CoolTouch® technology that ensures the chrome surface will not scald your hand.

grohe shower faucets
Grohe bathroom sink faucets come in various shapes and styles, including vessel faucets, waterfall faucets and single hole to widespread faucets. The bathroom faucets are made from the finest material, including ceramic cartridges that help to manage water flow. The pressure resistant flexible connection houses between spout and spit valves also help to create a tight seal, so you don’t have to worry about damage and leakages.

grohe tub faucets
Grohe tub faucets look beautiful in any bathroom. Bathing should be a calming experience that is enhanced by the quality of your bath tub and bath fixtures. Grohe bath faucets are made to complement your bath tub and make bathing an easy and relaxing experience. The company’s bath faucets are made with various technologies that enhance your bathing, including a swivel spout and effective flow control.

grohe sink faucets
Grohe kitchen sink faucets can make washing dishes easy and effective. Grohe has a collection of elegant single spray kitchen faucets that have the signature look of a long and curving stem and neck. The solid brass sink faucets are also made with ceramic cartridges and cleaning systems to prevent tarnishing. The sink faucets are effective at eliminating grease and stains from your kitchen utensils and dinnerware.

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