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Decorative Trays

Decorative Trays
Shop from our collection of decorative trays to find the perfect ottoman tray or vanity tray for your home.

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Decorative Trays

You can liven up your living room or dining room with colorful decorative trays that are embellished with metallic and natural finishes to match your unique style. Decorative trays look elegant on your coffee table with flowers, candles and other mementos. Our decorative trays can be used for all purposes, including storage and serving. Decorative trays add a pop of color and texture to your home décor.

ottoman tray
You can add an ottoman tray to your living room décor that can serve both as a decorative piece and as a lap tray for when you are eating and relaxing in your living room. Ottoman trays come in various shapes and sizes, including round and square to match your design preferences. Wooden ottoman trays look great in your living room and match well with all types of décor.

vanity trays
Vanity trays look elegant in your bedroom next to your dresser or on your vanity. Traditional vanity trays are made from mirror or glass and create and elegant feel in your living space. You can also use a vanity tray in your bathroom for getting ready in the morning or next to your bedside with your favorite photographs and flowers. A vanity tray also works well for displaying your favorite jewelry items.

perfume tray
If you have several different perfumes or colognes, then perfume trays elegantly hold your favorite perfumes for daily use. A perfume tray is not only functional, but it is also a beautiful accent piece for your home. You can place a perfume tray on top of your dresser or counter that matches your personal style.

mirror tray
Accent pieces tie together your home décor by creating small embellishments that represent your unique personality. You can polish your dressing area, or any room in your home, with a mirror tray that is surrounded by an ornate frame. A mirror tray serves is functional, stylish and a great place to store your items for getting ready in the morning.

mirror tray
If you prefer natural design elements, then wooden trays can also help you pull together your décor with simplicity and sophistication. A wood tray is great for entertaining guests, as well as accentuating minimalist style. You can select a dark or light finish for your wooden tray to pull together a natural look in your living room or bedroom.

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