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The Coffee Shop

Coffee Makers, Espresso Machines & Electric Tea Kettles

Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, tea, or espresso every morning with a personal coffee maker, espresso machine, or electric tea kettle. Coffee and espresso can help you get your day going, whereas herbal teas are perfect for relaxing at night. Each small kitchen appliance works in unique ways and makes very specific drinks. For example, coffee makers and percolators are best for making standard coffee, whereas an espresso machine makes single and double shots of espresso, lattes, cappuccinos and other specialty drinks. An electric tea kettle is perfect for those who want to quickly heat up water and are interested in an automatic switch that turns the kettle off when the water is ready. Every coffee maker, espresso machine, and electric tea kettle has unique characteristics and should be used together in order to recreate your favorite café from the comfort of your home.

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