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Coffee & Tea

Coffee & Tea
Enjoy coffee, espresso, or tea right from your home. Shop from coffee makers, espresso machines and electric tea kettles.

Coffee Makers, Espresso Machines & Electric Tea Kettles

Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, tea, or espresso every morning with a personal coffee maker, espresso machine, or electric tea kettle. Coffee and espresso can help you get your day going, whereas herbal teas are perfect for relaxing at night. Each small kitchen appliance works in unique ways and makes very specific drinks. For example, coffee makers and percolators are best for making standard coffee, whereas an espresso machine makes single and double shots of espresso, lattes, cappuccinos and other specialty drinks. An electric tea kettle is perfect for those who want to quickly heat up water and are interested in an automatic switch that turns the kettle off when the water is ready. Every coffee maker, espresso machine, and electric tea kettle has unique characteristics and should be used together in order to recreate your favorite café from the comfort of your home.

coffee maker
Standard drip coffee makers are perfect for making a cup of coffee at home or taking a cup with you on the go. The best coffee makers are ones that suit your individual needs, rather than the latest industry trends. For example, if you have a small household then you probably want to find a single coffee maker, also known as a one cup coffee maker. The best single cup coffee makers shorten the time it takes for your coffee to brew and reduces excess waste. There are many different ways to brew coffee other than through a drip coffee maker. French press coffee makers, k cup coffee makers and single pour overs are just a few of the many different brewing machines available to make coffee. Although you cannot make espresso in a standard coffee machine, you can find combo coffee and espresso makers, as well as coffee makers with grinders. There are many great brands for coffee makers, including Bunn, Hamilton Beach, Krups, Delonghi, and many others.

espresso machines
The best personal espresso machines give you the ability to recreate your favorite drinks from various cafes. There is one factor that distinguishes espresso makers from one another, which is the style of the espresso machine. There are three main styles of espresso makers, including automatic, semi-automatic, fully-automatic, super automatic and manual. Semi-automatic and automatic espresso machines gave many people the ability to make espresso at home for the first time. These two espresso machines relied on sophisticated pump technology to make sure the grinds were processed with the proper pressure. Super automatic espresso machines combine a state-of-the-art espresso machine, as well as a grinder, into one machine. If you prefer a machine that pays homage to the old world, then manual machines are the best options. Mechanical espresso machines are difficult to operate; however, they can produce delicious coffee for those who are interested in traditional espresso making methods.

electric tea kettles
If you are tired of waiting for your stovetop to heat water, then an electric kettle can help you heat up water faster. Electric kettles use an electric heating element to quickly and efficiently heat up water. Stovetop kettles work well if you do not mind waiting for the water to heat up; however, electric kettles offer both ease and convenience. You can easily heat up water in an electric kettle by simply pressing a button. Rather than having to chase after your tea kettle when it starts whistling, an electric tea kettle will automatically shut off when the water boils. Fore tea connoisseurs, some electric kettles also offer pre-set temperature controls that allow you to properly brew different types of tea. The most advanced electric tea kettles help to simplify the brewing process by combine both the water and a steeping basket.

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