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Fire Pit Styles and Features

Fire pits are a safe way to transport the rustic feeling of a campfire into your backyard, patio, or deck. Used year round, a fire pit offers a cozy focal point outdoors where family and friends can come together. Bring a style home that fits your outdoor decor, whether it's portable or permanent, metal or stone, wood or gas burning. We've come up with a list of popular fire pit styles and features that will work in any outdoor living area.


  1. Decorative: Lit or unlit, decorative fire pits act as an outdoor accent. Decorative options include landscape scenes, inscriptions, or even customized motifs. 

  2. Grilling: Some fire pits come with a cooking grate doubling as a grill, too. If it doesn't, there are plenty of cooking grate options that will fit over the top of your new or existing fire pit.

  3. Tables: Fire pit tables allow family and guests to enjoy eating and drinking in the warmth of a roaring fire. This feature ranges in styles and size from coffee table to bar table height.


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Steel Fire Pits

Embellished or clean-lined, steel fire pits come in various shapes because of the easy-to-mold metal and are commonly stained or finished for a range of looks. Popular stain choices include copper, burnished brass, and plain brass. To keep steel fire pits from rusting, look into powder coated options. 

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Stainless Steel

A contemporary, sometimes industrial look, stainless steel fire pits come in above ground and built into ground level models. The durable, but fairly light weight metal is rust-free as well as weather- and heat-resistant (it won't melt or warp!). Additionally, stainless steel fire pits come in various finishes, but the most common are brushed and shiny silver. The fire pit should be cleaned periodically to maintain its fresh look. 

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Copper Fire Pit

For a copper fire pit, one of the most popular styles is a bowl shaped design featuring a flat lip that runs around the circumference of the fire pit. Typically, this style includes a mesh screen in another metal and color (black or white) that sits on the top of the fire.  As a soft metal, the surface ages nicely overtime forming a green patina due to oxidation. If you don't want the fire pit to look aged, there are cleaning remedies to maintain the copper's original color. Compared to other fire pits, this style is more expensive. 

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Cast Iron Fire Pit

Get the look of a more expensive metal with an affordable cast iron fire pit. Often made to look like pricier materials such as copper, brick, or stone, cast iron fire pits come in two common shapes: bowl and bucket. Unlike the shallow bowl shape, a bucket fire pit has as a deeper fuel source area. A bowl shaped design typically offers a top metal screen, while the bucket style does not. 


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fire pits


  1. Large: Intended to be installed in one place and not moved around, these heavier fire pits are normally over 3 feet wide.
  2. Mid-size: Typically between 30-36 inches wide, mid-size fire pits are popular because they're available in numerous styles. Usually, this size features a stand that collects ashes for disposal and cleaning.  
  3. Small: Smaller fire pits are made for easy traveling. Some feature foldable legs or carrying cases to effortlessly move from one place to the next.
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Types of Flame

  1. Wood Burning: Depending on how big your fire pit is, you'll need to use different sized logs and kindling. Start stocking up!
  2. Artificial Flame: Gas fire pits run on propane or connect to a natural gas line located in your home. Fire pits that run on natural gas generally need to be built in.