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How to Choose the Right Bar Stool Height

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Add style and functionality to your space with bar stools. From the kitchen to a game room, bar stool offer easy-to-arrange seating. There are four common heights for bar stools: table height, counter height, bar height and extra tall bar stools. Use this guide to choose the bar stool height that best suits your space.

First, measure the height of your counter or table from the floor to the bottom of the tabletop. The below chart lists the average surface height of tables and the proper height of bar stool you will want to pair with your table. Use our bar stool height chart as you shop.

Short/Table HeightCounter Height Bar HeightExtra Tall 
Stool Height16-23"24-27"28-33"33-36"
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Short/Table Height Bar Stools

These stools are shorter than counter or bar height stools and can be a good alternative to chairs at a dining table.

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Counter Height Bar Stools

These stools are the ideal height for a 36-inch counter top or to have on their own for extra seating. They are smaller than the typical stool you see in restaurant or bar and are a great addition to your home bar or kitchen space.

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Bar Height Stools

A 30-inch stool is the perfect height for a standard 42-inch bar or countertop. These stools also work great in a work space, like the garage. These are the same size stools you see in a restaurant or bar and are taller than the average dining chair.

Additional measurements to consider when choosing a bar stool are the spaces between each stool and between the stool and the surface height.

  • For stool spacing, look to have about 26 to 30 inches measured from the center of one stool to the center of the stool next to it. This allows for optimal space for eating, working, and socializing.
  • For leg spacing, account for 9 to 12 inches between the top of the stool seat and the bottom of your countertop or bar surface. 
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