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Garage Storage & Organization

If your garage is currently a big pile of unorganized mess, you’ve come to the right place. Wayfair has everything you need to take back your garage so that once again it becomes a useful space for your home. It’s amazing how quickly things become disorganized in a garage. We throw things inside it never to be seen again. Before you know it, you don’t have room to park your car or use it as a space for hobby work. It’s a story we see all too often.

Fortunately, with the help of garage organization products in our store, you can turn that pile of mess into an organized space you’re happy with. Once organized, you’ll have space to park your car, store your lawn and gardening equipment, hang your bikes and tools, and use it as a workspace for your favorite hobby. Shop for storage cabinets, tool boxes, workbenches, or whatever other garage storage systems you need!

Storage Cabinets
storage cabinet

If you’re short on storage space in your garage, it’s time to install storage cabinets in the garage so that you have a place to keep paint supplies, cleaning products, gardening supplies, and much more. You can choose from standalone cabinets as well as storage cabinet sets that go directly on your wall. Choose from a variety of sizes as well as materials. Popular cabinets include durable metal storage cabinets and easy to clean plastic cabinets.

Storage Racks
storage rack

Storage racks are another excellent garage storage option as they help keep things out of the way but also allow you to easily access them when you’re ready to use them. Wayfair sells a number of different options for you to choose from including shelving units made from wire, plastic, or wood. Each is available in different sizes ranging from two tier racks all the way to six tier racks. The racks also make for great storage solutions in the kitchen and laundry room.

Tool Storage
tool chest

Tools are an essential item to have around the house especially if you love working on cars or house upgrades. In order to keep your tools organized, it’s important to have the proper storage items in your garage. If you're looking to store and organize wrenches, sockets and other hand tools, Wayfair carries everything you need including tool cabinets, tool boxes, and a number of tool accessories. You can also purchase pegboards or slatwalls for your garage. These are easy to install and make for a great place to hang your most important tools.


If you enjoy working on projects that tend to get a little messy, the garage is a great place to work. You don’t have to worry about ruining your new carpet or scratching up your dining room table. For those that like to tinker in the garage, a workbench is an essential piece of furniture you need in your garage. A sturdy work table dedicated to these projects gives you the freedom to work on and create whatever you want without having to worry about the mess.

Bike & Sports Storage
garage Bike rack

The garage is the perfect place to store your family’s bikes and sports equipment. If you’re shopping for a wall bike rack or a bin to hold all the athletic balls your family has collected, Wayfair has what you need. We sell bike racks that you can attach to your wall or ceiling to help maximize space in your garage. You can also find storage racks for skis, snowboards, surfboards, and golf clubs. Each of these will help organize your sports equipment.


Even if you have an organized garage, you still may not have room for your car, or maybe you’re looking for a shelter for your second car. If so, you need to browse through our selection of outdoor carports, which are designed to protect your vehicle from the outside elements. We have carports designed to shelter cars, SUVs, and trucks as well as smaller vehicles like tractors and ATVs. You can also use a small carport shelter to keep firewood dry.

Wayfair can help keep your garage tidy and free from clutter with shelving units and organization systems. Whatever it is you need to store in your garage, we have a solution for your garage storage needs. Browse until you find what you are looking for – and when you find it, be sure to take advantage of free shipping on purchases of $49.