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About Dewitt

DeWitt Company is compiled of landscaping products and plant fabrics that are the number one choice of professionals in the lawn and garden industry. DeWitt's high-performance, quality products save time in long-term maintenance and are environmentally safe for the demanding homeowner as well.

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75 Pack Anchor Pins

by Dewitt

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


  • Overall: 6'' H x 6'' W x 1'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 3.76lb.

Anchor Pins

by Dewitt


  • Overall Product Weight: 0.49lb.

Anchoring Pins Bulk Box of 500 Pins

by Dewitt

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.


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These U-shaped steel pins are angled at their ends for quicker and easier installation by piercing the fabric and penetrating the soil with hand pressure. Properly secures and anchors landscape fabrics; ground covers, and drip irrigation tubing. These special, galvanized steel pins are angled at the ends for faster and easier installation with only hand pressure. Use Anchor Pins to Permanently and professionally anchor all of your landscaping fabrics.

  • Overall: 19.5'' H x 6.5'' W x 5'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 21lb.