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Playroom Furniture & Storage

When kids grow into toddlers and pre-teens, your home can begin to shrink. This is because they need more toys and games to stay entertained. Babies are a little easier to keep busy with less, but young kids often need a dedicated room to run wild and play with the toys they love. Playrooms are often the most useful option. You can create a playroom in a second living room or family room, an extra bedroom, or a basement. An important way to build your kid's playroom is to find the furniture, storage, décor, toys, and games that you and your kids like. After all, it is your home and you will also be brought in to play with some of the toys and games.

Playroom Furniture:

playroom furniture

Kids' playroom furniture comes in many forms. The most common is a small table and chair set. This is often a small round or square table with two chairs on either side. These are awesome for toddlers because it gives them a place to sit down and do arts and crafts in their playroom. It could also be a place for a puzzle or even where they can eat a snack if eating in the playroom is allowed. The table and chairs are low to the ground allowing them to fit children perfectly; adults likely won't be able to comfortably use these sets. Other types of seating include club chairs, sofas, or bean bag chairs.

Playroom Storage:

playroom storage

Because toddlers and pre-teens need more toys and games, clutter can pile up. Toys can accumulate and not be given an organized home. As a result, you need to make sure your playroom has organized storage solutions, which fit the look and feel of the home. Toy boxes are popular playroom storage options, but you can also find storage cubbies in cool colors and designs. Some toy boxes are also benches which allows for more seating in your kids' playroom.

Playroom Décor:

playroom decor

Just because it is a playroom, doesn’t mean you can't build it out with beautiful décor to fit your home's style. Playroom décor adds character to the room that would not otherwise be there. Playmats and rugs are an easy way to add some style in addition to picture frames or wall art. Something like a kids tee pee not only serves a fun purpose but also becomes a decorative piece in the playroom.

Playroom Toys:

playroom toys

The most important part of your kid's playroom is the toys of course! You need plenty of toy options to keep them busy. We have a few toys for sale on Wayfair which are fun and easy to play with. Play kitchen sets allow your children to get accustomed to the joys of cooking. Watch them play for hours with the toy kitchen, working to make all different types of imaginary foods. Rocking horses are another option. It's a fun way to burn of some energy and build coordination rocking back and forth. You also can't forget dollhouses! Like kitchens, you get to sit back and watch your kid's imaginations wander. As children get older, game tables like pool and foosball can create a fun atmosphere too.

Kids playroom furniture, storage, or décor is available for sale on Wayfair. We know what it takes to create a room you love. You need a zillion options in order to find the perfect setup. Enjoy fast shipping, and it's free if your order is over $49.