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Even though bathrooms are often the smallest rooms within the home, they still come with specific complexities. Bathtubs are one important component to the bathroom of your home. Whether you are renovating an entire master bathroom or just making a small update to an existing bathroom, Wayfair has a many types of bathtubs for you to choose from. We provide a wide range of options so that you can find the one that is right for your bathroom renovation project. If you are looking for a bathtub, you might already have started to hear the common types such as soaking, garden, freestanding, alcove, or walk in. Before thinking about the types of tubs, let’s break down important considerations.

  • Take important measurements in your bathroom. Measure the width you have for the tub which is wall to wall. Measure the depth which is from back wall (usually the longest wall) to the front. Finally, measure the height by starting at the floor of the bathroom and measuring up.
  • Keep in mind if you are replacing an old tub you might have specific tub installation requirements which could dictate the type of new bathtub you get.
  • Think about what you want out of your bathtub. Do you shower more often than bathing and really just have the bathtub as a décor piece? In that case, you should consider a more basic option. Do you take a bath frequently? Maybe daily or weekly? In that case, you should consider more premium options such as a large bathtub or a jetted bathtub.

At Wayfair, we want to provide you with a handful of options. As a result, if you have the space for a large whirlpool tub we want to make sure you have many possibilities on Wayfair. You might want a cast iron tub which is a strong, heavy material that holds together overtime. In addition to tub type and material, we also carry a variety of brands. Browse popular brands such as Kohler, American Standard, Sterling, and Bootz on Wayfair to get a new bathtub in your home. We also have a variety of tub sizes whether you are outfitting a small bathroom and looking for a 54” tub or you need a two person bathtub for the bathroom attached to the master bedroom. Below is a breakdown of the types of bathtubs to consider:

Soaking Tub
Soaking Tub: A soaking bathtub is a common type of tub for any bathroom. You see this in most family bathrooms. It has the basic features to provide a comfortable bath. You can also choose a soaking tub with a certain depth and space for your bathroom. Soaking tubs come in a variety of installation styles such as freestanding, drop-in, and alcove.
Freestanding Tub
Freestanding Tub: The word freestanding implies the installation method of the bathtub. In this case, a freestanding tub means that the tub stands alone without dropping into a space with tub surroundings. Use Wayfair to find the freestanding tub that fits your bathroom renovation.
Walk-In Tub
Walk-In Tub: Walk-in tubs are a more unique offering than soaking tubs. They typically come with a door that opens and closes for a safe bathing experience. They also might have slip resistant floors or grab bars. These are great for bathrooms with people who might have mobility challenges and need to get in and out of the tub as safe and easy as possible. Walk in bathtubs can come with additional features like jets – whirlpool or air. Walk in tubs are often installed alcove style.
Clawfoot Tub
Clawfoot Tub: Clawfoot tubs are a great option whether you are replacing a bathtub or renovating an entire bathroom. They make for a stylish home décor piece that can add character and history to any bathroom. In addition to style, they are very easy to install since there is no drop in or alcove installation needed. Most clawfoot tubs are slightly raised off the floor with classic or modern legs. You might also consider a pedestal tub where the structure is resting on a platform as opposed to four legs.
Corner Tubs
Corner Tubs: Corner bathtubs are made for the corner of a bathroom. They are typically larger and wider than standard tubs and installed on two walls in the corner of the bathroom. If you have the space, these are a stylish option for the corner of your bathroom. It is also a great way to maximize space in your master bathroom. Since they come a little bigger than standard tubs they also provide a very pleasant bathing experience.